Simon Alcantara

Jewel Pratt Golden

Posted in ART AND CULTURE, fashion by simonalcantara on May 11, 2011

The Jewelry artist Jewel Pratt Golden  #PrattShow2011

Photo: Simon Alcantara

Necklace by Jewel Pratt Golden, Rejuvenation   #PrattShow2011

Photo: Simon Alcantara


I have chosen to express harmony and balance of collage space on metal, using the application of eggshells to the surface of metal that reaches to us one and all. How the nature of these elements speaks of the universal principles; Birth, rejuvenation, mortality and rebirth.

It occurred to me that as I traveled and visited museums, the historical value showed in the stress of its contents on the canvases.  This crackled effect, years of survival, the appearance of a cracked egg.

Some years ago, my Mom had visited an apple orchard in upstate New York.  Along with the apples, I was presented with a bird’s nest that sat three very small eggs of cornflower blue.

It was magnificent. I had kept it with me through many ups and downs.  The sight of seeing this volume of blue peeking out from the nest was joyful.

An adult cousin once visited. When she was left alone in the presence of the nest, she chose to mash the eggs to smithereens!  I did not discover this tragedy until a few days later. It was as though my life had been aborted.  Confrontation was to no avail, just denial.  Was I reminded?

Yes.  Whenever I saw that shade of blue. I have been inspired and fascinated by this transient energy of the egg as well as stimulated by its creative application. It is this emergence of the collage design that brings me the satisfaction of spiritual enjoyment

            I use this gift to honor the ancestry of ancient cultures where the emphasis of age has shown in marble, paintings and the architecture.  This nature continually evolves as a reflection of our Divine Consciousness.


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